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There's really only one thing that matters in nlc meetings, it's that God is there with us. Without God our meetings would be no different to any worldly gathering or club get together. But we are the family of God and when we come together we come hungry for the presence of God, to hear His living prophetic word, and to experience the touch of the Holy Spirit.

Our main gathering is on Sunday mornings at 10:30 at Frenchay Village Hall. A typical meeting would probably take the form of worship and sharing for the first hour, during which time we would also break bread, and then we would take a break where we are able to enjoy refreshments together and spend time encouraging and praying for one another. After the break we would listen to the preached word for about 30 minutes allowing time for a response at the end. Of course, this is a "typical" meeting. Not all our meetings are that typical though, mainly due to our desire to be strongly led by the Holy Spirit. It's good that we make our plans, but we must allow God to direct our paths.

The children stay in the main meeting for the worship and sharing so that we develop with them a sense of belonging to the family and also to help them experience church life together. After the break the children go to their own meetings where they are taught and cared for by a team of volunteers who are committed to help them find Jesus for themselves. If you want to more about our children's work, please click here.

During the week we also meet as a church in various homes around the local area where we are able to worship, share and pray together in a more informal and intimate way.

All visitors are very welcome to come and join us and if you want to know more about nlc then please email us at talktous@newlifechurchbristol.org