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The "F" word is regularly used in much of society. nlc youth also like using words beginning with "F" and Faith, Fun, Family and Funky chips are common place. Whether we are together to worship Jesus on a Sunday morning at church or chilling at someone's house with a pizza, these f-words mean a lot to us. We pray together, share together, care for each other and laugh a lot at each other.

Being a teenager and a Christian doesn't mean you can't have fun. We have fun and lots of it. But we also want to be a good example to our non-church friends. We rebel like all teenagers, not against our parents and authority but against the stereotype of young people that society believes. We honour our parents and respect authority. We put each other first and don't judge. We love Jesus.

We understand that fun and funky chips won't get us to heaven. It's only our faith and the grace of a loving God who forgives us of our sins and who sent his son so that we could believe in him that can do that. But there's nothing wrong with enjoying snacks on the journey!