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Subscribe to nlc podcasts

If you use iTunes or other similar music programs that accept podcast feeds, then why not subscribe to the nlc podcasts. This will allow you to you receive the latest podcast automatically and synchronise with your iPod or Smartphone.

There are two ways of subscribing to our podcasts:

  1. For iTunes users the simplest method is to click on the podcast feed link below. This will take you to a Google service called FeedBurner. Here you click on the iTunes link and you will be automatically subscribed to our podcasts. If you don't have iTunes running at this time it will probably alert you to say that it needs to start the program in order to complete the task.

  2. For other applications (or if you prefer to set up your iTunes feed manually), copy the podcast feed link below and go to the appropriate menu in your music program for setting up podcast feeds. Follow the instructions and where it asks for the link to the podcasts feed (sometimes called RSS Feed), simply paste in this link and everything else will be done automatically.

The link for the nlc podcasts feed is: http://feeds.feedburner.com/NewLifeChurchBristolPodcasts

If for whatever reason your music program doesn't pick up the nlc artwork, then save the image on this page onto your computer and then import the image into your music program or file. Right-click Save Image As...