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We trust that you will find the nlc podcasts a real source of encouragement and inspiration and that God will richly bless you through listening to them. Please feel free to forward on to your friends and family. To listen to podcasts offline or download supporting presentation material, click here.

Our latest podcast is:

Esther Part 1 - Setting the Scene
For such as time as this
Preacher: Richard Brown, on 13/01/2019
Duration: 0:34

Richard starts a series on the book of Esther opening with the nation of Israel exiled in Persia. It is important to note that this whole story takes place away from the land of Israel and there is no mention of God from beginning to end. However, God is very much in control in the background, and with one decisive action of Queen Vashti not to parade herself in front of King Xerxes drunken guests, the story begins. Richard encourages us all to step into God's story, not in church, but into life and circumstances all around us in this godless world.