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We trust that you will find the nlc podcasts a real source of encouragement and inspiration and that God will richly bless you through listening to them. Please feel free to forward on to your friends and family. To listen to podcasts offline or download supporting presentation material, click here.

Our latest podcast is:

Take Responsibility
Preacher: Luke Goodway, on 17/07/2022
Duration: 0:37

Luke Goodway from E5 church shares from Acts 13 and shows how easily we can become confused if we measure God’s will simply on our circumstances. For Paul and Barnabas, sometimes things went well and sometimes they didn’t. At the end of the day it wasn’t their responsibility as to whether or not they were well received, they simply had to declare God’s word. We need to be clear what we are and are not responsible for. God has called each one of us to share God’s love and when we stand before him at the end of our lives we alone will have to give an account.