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A Determined Spirit
Give Up or Get Up
Preacher: Richard Brown, on 28/07/2019, duration: 0:37

Have you ever faced a challenge in your life? Ever come against obstacles, either physical or emotional? Ever come to the point where you have done everything humanly possible, and your problem is still unresolved? What do you do? How do you react? We need a Determined Spirit, which will not Give Up, but will Get Up and accept God's word in the situation, things do not have to stay the way they are. God's plan will prevail if we believe it.

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Speak Up-Speak Out
Preacher: Richard Brown, on 21/07/2019, duration: 0:32

Richard shares the story of Paul's shipwreck on his way to Rome. Paul was a prisoner, yet he found himself in charge. Paul found that his life experiences, and the living word of God within him, enabled him to speak into a desperate situation, and bring about God's solution, saving all those involved. We need to bring this to all the people within our influence - our church outside the four walls.

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You Say - I Believe
Seeing ourselves as God sees us
Preacher: Richard Brown, on 07/07/2019, duration: 0:40

Richard heard a song on the radio which caught his attention. It talked about the importance of listening to what God says about us, not what we might think about ourselves. This is vital if we are to take church outside the four walls of a building. How can we offer life to a broken world if we continue to believe the lies that Satan says about us? It's time to develop a lifestyle of You Say, I Believe.

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Supernatural Breakthrough
Preacher: Rob Scott Cook, on 30/06/2019, duration: 0:45

Rob shared some stories of some Supernatural Breakthroughs that he's seen this year, and encourages us to seek God for our Supernatural Breakthroughs.

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Spiritual Gifts
Preacher: John Duce, on 23/06/2019, duration: 0:37

John shares some scriptures around Spiritual Gifts, and encourages us to be bold, and step out and use them.

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