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What's your excuse
Preacher: Sam Johnson, on 14/01/2018, duration: 0:50

Sam & Nia Johnson join us from Cynon Valley Church. Sam shares from Jeremiah how all of us find reasons or excuses not to do the things that God has asked us to do. However, it is not about what we can do, it is always about what God will do when we stand up and allow Him.

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What are you Taking Over in the Crossover
Reflection on a New Year
Preacher: Nicky Summerhill, on 07/01/2018, duration: 0:34

At our first meeting of 2018, Nicky takes time to share some thoughts on a year gone, and a new year beginning. Suggesting that some things are best left behind, while other things are worthy of carrying forward into the New Year.

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Belong, Believe, Become
The Jesus model of Evangelism
Preacher: Dave Summerhill, on 10/12/2017, duration: 0:22

Dave shares with us a model of Evangelism which Jesus used, which runs counter to the normal Christian Church model we are used to.

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Now & Not Yet
Preacher: Dave Mitchell, on 03/12/2017, duration: 0:42

Dave Mitchell from Woodlands Church, shares from Romans about the Now and Not Yet. This is the recognition that in Christ we have had our sins forgiven, we have started a life walking with God and have a wonderful inheritance ahead of us. However, at the same time, the consquences of sin and a fallen world still surrounds us and affects us. How do we bring some of the Not Yet, into the Now?

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Content, Whatever the circumstances
Preacher: Nicky Summerhill, on 26/11/2017, duration: 0:32

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