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Two ways God speaks to us
Dreams and Visions
Preacher: John Duce, on 26/07/2020, duration: 0:23

John Duce shares about how God speaks to us through dreams and visions and shares some of his own experiences of hearing God in this way.

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Joseph Part 8: God turns our Mess into a Message
Genesis 38
Preacher: Richard Brown, on 12/07/2020, duration: 0:23

In this final part of the story of Joseph we rewind back to Genesis 38 where we find the story of Judah and Tamah. This story seems to break up the natural flow of the Joseph story, but actually it is a really important part of the whole picture. God isn't just working in Joseph's life, or the lives of Jacob and his sons. He has a much bigger plan in mind which is to create the line of Jesus for the salvation of the world. Judah is an incredible example of how through repentance, the mess can be turned into THE message.

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Joseph Part 7: God Cries Too
Genesis 43:18-45:7
Preacher: Richard Brown, on 05/07/2020, duration: 0:34

In this penultimate part of the series, Joseph finally reveals himself to his brothers as they demonstrate their total remorse and repentance of their sin 22 years earlier. We see several times how Joseph weeps over his brothers and the situation they find themselves in. This is how God feels when he sees our broken world - God cries too. Today's message is a challenge for us all to feel how God feels and to cry for our broken world and to play the role of Joseph to lead people to salvation.

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Jeremiah buys a field
Jeremiah 32v1-2, 6-7, 14-17 and 29v10-12.
Preacher: Rob Scott-Cook, on 28/06/2020, duration: 0:11

Rob Scott-Cook from Woodlands Church shares from the book of Jeremiah where God tells him to buy a field. It's in the context of when Israel was in lockdown due to the Babylonians and is a promise that God will once again bless the nation of Israel. Rob draws a parallel with the lockdown we are all facing at this time, encouraging us all to think about what legacy we may leave for the generation to come as we too come out of lockdown.

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Joseph Part 6: Trust and Obey
Facing up to the past
Preacher: Richard Brown, on 14/06/2020, duration: 0:31

The story of Joseph is reaching a climax as famine hits the land and Jacob is forced to send his sons to Egypt to look for food. However, this is all part of God's plan to bring to the surface the past sins of Joseph's brothers and the past vulnerabilities of Jacob. This story teaches us that God will often use "Tough Love" in order to get our attention. However, his purpose in this is always to move us forward.

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