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Rocking the boat
being Intentional about what you see
Preacher: Dave Summerhill, on 22/04/2018, duration: 0:44

Dave shares some stories about times when he has 'rocked the boat', and encourages us to be intentional in being Jesus to the people we meet.

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Ron Brown's Testimony
Preacher: Ron Brown, on 15/04/2018, duration: 0:44

Ron Brown, Richard's dad, is 87 years old in June and has been walking with God all his life. Today Ron shares his testimony of how he became a Christian and how God has been faithful through the years. He starts with a straight down the line gospel message.

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It's all about the Brief
Preacher: Nicky Summerhill, on 08/04/2018, duration: 0:42

Nicky shares some things that are on her heart

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Ruth Part 3 - It just so Happened
Divine Coincidences
Preacher: Richard Brown, on 25/03/2018, duration: 0:40

Should Christians believe in coincidences? In this third part of the story of Ruth, Richard explores how Ruth just happened to be working in the field belonging to Boaz and explains how events that might seem like coincidence to others are actually by God's design - Divine Coincidence.

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Philippians 3: 10-14
Take hold of that for which Christ took hold of you
Preacher: Ken Wilson, on 11/03/2018, duration: 0:34

Ken Wilson shares his heart from Philippians 3 and highlights four things that get in the way of us taking hold of everything for which Christ took hold of us.

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