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Esther Part 1 - Setting the Scene
For such as time as this
Preacher: Richard Brown, on 13/01/2019, duration: 0:34

Richard starts a series on the book of Esther opening with the nation of Israel exiled in Persia. It is important to note that this whole story takes place away from the land of Israel and there is no mention of God from beginning to end. However, God is very much in control in the background, and with one decisive action of Queen Vashti not to parade herself in front of King Xerxes drunken guests, the story begins. Richard encourages us all to step into God's story, not in church, but into life and circumstances all around us in this godless world.

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God wants a Revolution, not a Resolution
Preacher: Dave Summerhill, on 06/01/2019, duration: 0:41

Are you going to be a part of the Revolution?

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Choose Wisely
Preacher: Christine Beer, on 16/12/2018, duration: 0:32

Christine looks at the consequences of some of the choices we make. Some choices lead to Life, others lead to death. Some of the most important choices should be so simple to make, yet can be some of the hardest, and require us to seek out a different path to that many of those around us are taking.

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Having an Eternal Perspective
Preacher: Rod Whiting, on 09/12/2018, duration: 0:28

Rod shares some thoughts which pull together a number of things God has shared with us all recently, which highlights the importance of looking beyond our circumstances (good or bad), and keeping our Faith firmly rooted in God.

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Four songs from Luke's Gospel
Preacher: Dave Mitchell, on 02/12/2018, duration: 0:47

Dave Mitchell, senior pastor of Woodlands Church, shares on Advent Sunday, four songs from the gospel of Luke: Mary, Zechariah, the angels and Simeon. He explains from these songs how today we too need to believe in how the love of God can change our world. However, before this, Dave also shares prophetic insights for New Life Church that he picked up during the time of worship.

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