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Philippians 3: 10-14
Take hold of that for which Christ took hold of you
Preacher: Ken Wilson, on 11/03/2018, duration: 0:34

Ken Wilson shares his heart from Philippians 3 and highlights four things that get in the way of us taking hold of everything for which Christ took hold of us.

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Preacher: Simon Williams, on 25/02/2018, duration: 0:42

Simon Williams (from the church in Weston-super-Mare) shares a photograph he took, and from Psalm 62 about being stable in God.

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Ruth Part 2 - The Journey Home
Responding to the call
Preacher: Richard Brown, on 11/02/2018, duration: 0:32

Richard continues his series on the book of Ruth. Naomi hears that the famine is over in Judah. She decides to Return Home. Her daughters-in-law Orpah and Ruth must decide what they will do. Orpah Stays Home in Moab, but Ruth Moves Home to Judah.

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It's a Vine, Vine Life
John 15 - Living in the Vine
Preacher: Paul Tiley, on 04/02/2018, duration: 0:42

Paul shares from John 15, about the importance of living in the Vine. He shows how the original Greek text helps us to understand what was intended, with reference to 1st century vineyards.

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Ruth Part 1: Called to be Sojourners
Where is 'Home'?
Preacher: Richard Brown, on 28/01/2018, duration: 0:37

Richard begins a series on the book of Ruth. We start by looking at how Elimelech, Naomi and their two sons move from Judah to Moab because of a famine. We see that what should have been a temporary trip to find food, became a more permanent move with some pretty drastic consequences.

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