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Soul Care
Preacher: Pam Scott-Cook, on 17/09/2023, duration: 0:28

Our Soul is the very essence of our being, the part that makes us who we are, the part that yearns for a relationship with God. In the same way we need to have disciplines to care for our bodies, we need to take care of our Soul.

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Alpha and Omega
Preacher: Richard Penska, on 10/09/2023, duration: 0:34

Richard has been reading the book of Revelation, and God has been using this to inspire some thinking around Alpha & Omega, the Beginning and the End, and the story that is written in between. In the same way an AtoZ provides directions, our God, the Alpha and Omega, provides direction for our lives as we live out the story he has written for us. Sometimes we lose our way, as did the churches in Revelation, and we need guidance to bring us back on track. Sometimes he calls on us to provide guidance to others as our stories intersect.

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Vision Sunday
Preacher: Richard Brown and Dave Summerhill, on 03/09/2023, duration: 0:43

Back in July the NLC leadership spent a day praying together and reflecting on where they felt God was leading the church at this time. In today's podcast, Richard and Dave share some of this vision, including what they feel are the current prophetic words over the church and how we want to try and communicate this vision externally.

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Moses Part 13 - Decision
Preacher: Richard Brown, on 23/07/2023, duration: 0:38

This is the final part of the story of Moses where finally the nation of Israel reach the edge of the Promised Land. They now face the most important decision of their lives, will they believe God and go and take possession of the land he promised them. Richard explores the different responses of those who spy out the land. Ten came back filled with unbelief and only Joshua and Caleb still believed they could take the land. In the end, unbelief prevailed and that nation failed to enter into God's rest.

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Grief - Getting through it.
Preacher: Richard Penska, on 16/07/2023, duration: 0:35

Richard Penska shares an emotional story of his personal journey dealing with grief, having lost family members during COVID.

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