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Open Mic
Preacher: NLCB, on 13/08/2017, duration: 0:50

It is good to open the meeting up and hear what God is saying to people. This is especially true the first meeting after a large part of the church return from New Wine.

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Abraham 9 - They think It's all over; it's not yet
Running to the start
Preacher: Richard Brown, on 23/07/2017, duration: 0:36

Today Richard wraps up the series of Abraham. In this finale you would be right in thinking it's almost the end, it's all over. However, after walking with God for around 35 years and enjoying the fulfulment of the birth of his promised son Isaac, God now presents Abraham with his greatest test of faith ever. We learn that Abraham was still listening as God reveals to him the greatest story ever to be told.

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Arabian Days
Letting God be God
Preacher: Ian Purnell, on 09/07/2017, duration: 0:49

Ian tells us his testimony of just how God has blessed him, and some of the many things God has shown him over recent months.

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Our Great High Priest
from Hebrews
Preacher: Tony Davis, on 02/07/2017, duration: 0:47

Lead Pastor of Waterbrook Church, Tony Davies, walks us through the book of Hebrews and presents to us Jesus, our Great High Priest. We see how Jesus was made perfect through suffering and temptation and is able now to intercede for us all because he understands everything we go through in our humanity.

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Five reasons you can't access the Presence of God
And how to fix it
Preacher: Nicky Summerhill, on 25/06/2017, duration: 0:27

Today Nicky encourages us to continue to press into spending time with God and explores things that often get in the way of us doing this. Taken from a blog that she's been reading about how to organise ourselves, Nicky relates this to how we need to make time for God and take the clutter out of our lives.

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