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Are your talents rusty?
Preacher: Christine Beer, on 28/02/2021, duration: 0:20

Christine shares from the parable of the talents. Rather than simply comparing the different servants and how they invested the talents the master entrusted to them, Christine encourages us to think about the effects on things that we bury. Over time these things become spoilt and if left too long may even become useless. Do we have talents and gifts that God has entrusted to us that we have buried out of a sense of fear?

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The Persecuted Church
Bad News, Good News
Preacher: Rod Whiting, on 21/02/2021, duration: 0:21

Rod Whiting shares from Matthew 10 where Jesus explains that those who follow him will experience persecution. We only have to read the leaflets from Open Doors to realise how true this is. However, the good news is that where there is persecution, there is also growth. The apostle Paul was able to testify that because of his own persecution, many of his own followers grew strong in their faith.

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Loving Like Jesus
Preacher: Nicky Summerhill, on 14/02/2021, duration: 0:17

Today Nicky shares part 2 of her series looking at the life of Jesus from the gospel of John. Nicky explains how uncomplicated it is to love like Jesus, although we tend to make it more complicated than it actually is. Jesus loved the way he did because he knew he himself was loved and was able to extend his Father's love to those around him. He also demonstrated his love in extraordinary ways, often mixing with those others rejected. Finally, his love often got him into trouble.

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An Overview of the Gospel of John
Preacher: Dave Summerhill, on 07/02/2021, duration: 0:19

During this time of reading through the gospels, rather than looking at a specific story or event of Jesus' life, Dave chooses instead to reflect on the whole gospel of John. In particular, where the synoptic gospels focus more on what Jesus did, e.g. his miracles, John's gospel focuses more on who Jesus is, the Son of God, and why these miracles and his teaching are important to us today.

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The Certainty of knowing Christ
Preacher: Ron Brown, on 31/01/2021, duration: 0:26

Ron Brown (Grandad) shares how he became a Christian back in 1947 and how he has enjoyed the certainty which that brings into his life, knowing that one day he will go to be with his Lord for eternity.

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