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It's time to Move
Be prepared to challenge what we've always done.
Preacher: Richard Penska, on 19/11/2017, duration: 0:43

Richard shares his impression of movement towards God.

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The Victorious Cross
Preacher: Rev David Powe, on 12/11/2017, duration: 0:23

On this Remembrance Sunday, David contrasts the Victoria Cross medal awarded to a few for extreme acts of valour; with the Victorious Cross which Jesus makes available to all through His freely given, ultimate sacrifice.

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What's God's Plan for my Life?
Receiving and Giving God's Love
Preacher: Rod Whiting, on 29/10/2017, duration: 0:40

Rod shares with us God's Eternal plan for our lives: That we might Receive His Love, and Share it with others.

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My 'One Word' testimony
Preacher: Helen Gossage, on 22/10/2017, duration: 0:43

Helen shares how her 'One Word' for 2017 has impacted her life, and how that word has transformed into a word for the church.

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What's that to do with me?
Turning water into wine
Preacher: Richard Brown, on 15/10/2017, duration: 0:36

Richard shares from the story of Jesus' first miracle when he turns water into wine. We look at how Jesus, the Saviour of the World, got involved in someone else's crisis and we are encouraged to ask God daily if situations we find ourselves in are opportunities for us to get involved in the lives of ordinary people.

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