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God loves everyone (Heroes & Hookers)
Preacher: Dave Summerhill, on 19/05/2019, duration: 0:30

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Who do you think you are?
Preacher: David Redmill, on 12/05/2019, duration: 0:38

David shares with us some thoughts from the life of Jacob, and asks the question which Jacob asks, "What is your name?", how do we see ourselves? What shapes our view?

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What does the resurrection mean to you?
Reflections on the resurrection of Jesus
Preacher: Tony Davies, on 28/04/2019, duration: 0:32

Tony Davies from Waterbrook reflects on the resurrection of Jesus Christ. He asks the question, what does the resurrection mean to you today? He shares how Jesus rising from the dead should give us confidence that our sin has been dealt with and we are forgiven; because Jesus entrusted himself to his Father, so can we; we will one day rise up with Christ as we identify with his resurrection.

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Easter Family Service 2019
Preacher: Dave Summerhill, on 21/04/2019, duration: 0:09

Dave Summerhill shares a thought about the resurrection of Jesus for this year's Easter Family Service. And if you really want to see some fun, then why not also go to YouTube and search for NLC Space Hopper Race!!

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Keep your 'Whys' strong
Preacher: Nicky Summerhill, on 14/04/2019, duration: 0:30

Nicky Summerhill challenges us all to think about 'why' we do what we do. She talks about the danger of mission shift, which can happen when we get so consumed with the what, how and who, but forget why we are doing something. For us, Jesus makes this simple - Love God and Love People. This should be the main motivation for everything we do as a church and as individuals.

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