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What's stopping you?
Acts 3
Preacher: Nicky Summerhill, on 09/05/2021, duration: 0:19

Continuing in the book of Acts, Nicky looks at Acts 3 where Peter and John pray for healing for the cripple who was waiting outside of the temple gate. Rather than looking at the lives of Peter and John, Nicky helps us to consider the man at the gate and asks the question, what might stop him receiving from God? Fear of the unknown or consequences to answered prayer, not wanting to move from our comfort zone, and having preconceived ideas of what the answer might look like, can all stop us from moving forward in God.

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Living a life of sacrifice
Acts 2:42-47; 4:31-35
Preacher: Richard Brown, on 25/04/2021, duration: 0:30

Today Richard shares about the importance of sacrifice. After Pentecost we see the early church selling all they had and giving it to the apostles for the sake of the gospel. This demonstrates a life of total sacrifice, where nothing is more important than God's mission. In church life today we can see consumerism creeping in where it becomes all about what I want, rather than sacrificially serving the Kingdom of God.

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Receiving the Holy Spirit - Acts 2
Being in the right place
Preacher: Richard Penska, on 18/04/2021, duration: 0:20

Following Jesus' command to his disciples to remain in Jerusalem for the gift he had promised, Richard Penska explores Acts 2 - Pentecost. He notes how the disciples were together in one place and in the right place in order to receive the Holy Spirit. Whatever expectations they might have had in terms of what God was going to do, it probably did not involve fire or speaking in foreign languages. God surprised them and maybe he will surprise us too as we prepare to come out of lockdown.

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Waiting in the Upper Room - Acts 1
What do we do while we wait?
Preacher: Richard Brown, on 11/04/2021, duration: 0:23

Richard introduces our new preaching series into the book of Acts. In Acts 1 we find the disciples waiting in the upper room for the promised Holy Spirit. However, much of their thinking was still fixed upon Jesus restoring Israel. Jesus needed to break into their thinking and show God's bigger plan bringing salvation to the world. So it is for us, we need to moving our thinking from inside the church to outside of our four walls. The purpose of a gathered church is to become a scattered church.

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Making Disciples
Preacher: James Duce, on 28/03/2021, duration: 0:25

James Duce, pastor of Central Church in Aberdeen, shares what it means to make disciples. Drawing from Matthew 28 and Acts one James explains how the call to make disciples applies to us all, using the connections God has given us at home, in our neighourhoods, our work places etc. However, we need to empowering of the Holy Spirit to do this effectively, and we need to be so baptised into Jesus that we can baptise those around us with his love and compassion.

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